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Residential Meter Program

Want more control over your water bill?

Having a water meter installed at your home will allow you to pay only for the water you use, instead of the flat-rate payment that you pay now. This will not only help you save money, but it may help you reduce your overall water consumption.

To learn more about our residential Meter Program click here.

Outdoor Water Friendly Tips

When the weather warms up, our thoughts all turn to outdoor activities and enjoying the sunshine. However, in the summer, we use 20% more water than during the rest of the year, most of which goes to our lawns and gardens.

Be Water Friendly this summer, and be wise with your water use. Here are some great tips to help you get started with our Outdoor Water Friendly Tips

2. Use permeable surfaces like gravel or stones rather than pavement so that more water on your property reaches the soil

3. Water during the early morning hours or late evening when evaporation isn't as likely.

4. Use organic mulch around plants and beds to keep moisture in.

6. Check hoses and outdoor faucets for leaks and repair promptly.

7. Direct downspouts towards shrubs and trees.

9. Water your plants only when necessary.

10. Avoid lawn-watering all together, except in cases where new sod is being established or grass seed has been planted, there shouldn't be any need for watering.

12. Install covers on pools and hot tubs to lessen evaporation.

13. Check for leaks in pool pumps and repair promptly.

14. Ensure that any water feature you install recirculates water.